Pemex has two unions


The absence of Carlos Romero Deschamps, leader of the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), of the March 18 celebrations in Tula, and the note taken last Friday to the emerging Petroleum Workers' Union of Mexico (Petromex) is not a coincidence.

Officially, the government of President Andres Manuel López Obrador promised not to get involved in the internal life of the unions, especially in the election of their leaders, but at the same time he promised that under his government "union democracy will prevail", a veiled sentence for those who cling to power like oil to the rocks.

As of this week Pemex has two syndicates, and although Petromex registration and recognition by the Ministry of Labor seems a major blow to the monolithic structure of STPRM, in reality they will face important challenges as they run a number of risks, of them to have an accelerated growth in the base of militants that leave them vulnerable to the risk of a Trojan horse by the caciques that promise to fight.

Now, the birth of a new union necessarily entails tensing who controls more than 70% of the labor force in the productive enterprise of the State, and the most important of the country, where the financial and operational situation is delicate, and where A strike, or simply friction between the two work camps, can bring operational problems to the court.

In general, given the natural pressure exerted by the competition, the Union-Deschamps will seek to defend itself and we will be able to see the real size of its power. Be careful

However, apparently at Petromex are not in a hurry, in spite of having been accompanied by hundreds of oil tankers, the cadastre made only dozens, as the strategy is long term and seeks to combat representativeness to negotiate the Collective Agreement. with Pemex until the end of the sexennium, according to its advisors.

The aim of Petromex under the command of María Teresa Izquierdo, as they expressed, is not to overthrow Romero Deschamps, but rather to push a series of modifications to the clauses that allow to punish with dismissal the sexual harassers and leaders who ask for sexual favors to both workers and their families.

Another goal they also pursue, at least in speech, is to make free and open elections, while working conditions, benefits, those would not be touched (no one should do it).

For now, the oil company has already distanced itself a lot from the movement, because after they marched to the Pemex Tower, as reported yesterday by my colleague Zenyazen Flores, the approximately 400 Petromex friendly workers did not have an open reception. Not a warm welcome , they wanted to receive their credentials "on the sidewalk." No doubt they will have to do their merits, but the first step has already been taken.

Maria, the first

Yesterday, Pemex erased María Teresa Fernández Labardini's name from the list of independent advisors she has on her site, simply because she is the first to leave the Board in a "tiered" strategy that seeks to avoid further confusion in the financial markets. , but whose goal is to leave the remaining three. Who will follow in May, Pastrana or Elizondo?


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