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Parka is hospitalized unconscious by accident in fight – VIDEO

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon /

The famous fighter The jacket was taken from emergency for one hospital in Monterrey after suffer an accident during the function of wrestling from the company KAOS in which he participated this Sunday.

The veteran gladiator threw himself on the top between the second and third strings, but got stuck at the time of the match and his head slammed fully against the banister in the ring, pinching your neck.

The jacket tried to fall Rushwho, seeing the severity of the masked man's blow, spoke in his ear trying to get an answer. Seconds after approaching team personnel, as seen in video that circulates on social networks.

According to unofficial information, the fighter has lost consciousness and tenderness in the hands and legsThen he was taken to a hospital to do the relevant studies, awaiting his evolution.

Roberto Figueroafighting expert Multimedia television, ensures that The jacket stable, has already entered resonance studies to assess the magnitude of the stroke and states that the fighter begins to regain sensation in the extremities.

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