Opportunity for shops or customers?


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The cheapest weekend of the year is already here with hundreds of deals and discounts, but do Mexicans really identify you as the best season to shop or feel disappointed?

According to a review conducted by the company Tec-Check, site where electronic prices are compared in several stores, there is evidence of a price increase before Good End to spend as regular costs offers, so that customers can rely on most discounts.

However, they detected that this
The week is made more for stores to make a profit than for consumers. "The lack of information about prices and discounts puts customers at a disadvantage. Stores often display their discounts in a confusing way, blending the price with credit offers with departmental or bank cards, and the products are promoted without detailing their technical characteristics. In addition, there is the variable time, which pushes consumers to buy items they do not need at prices that are not always discounts, "said Fiorentina GarcĂ­a, Tec-Check co-founder.

According to the company's report, most stores take advantage of Buen Fin's popularity to clean their stores; that is, get rid of old models at prices that are occasionally on par with current models. "There are online stores that continue to promote TVs in 2015. In a market such as TVs, where innovation is very constant, three years means a great delay in terms of technology, so in the Tec-Check Blog explained, among other things, how to identify the year of a television based on the code, "Garcia explained.

Since 2017 Tec-Check has priced more than five thousand technology products in several online stores. From this, they have identified that there are very competitively priced stores for specific categories, so they recommend that users make an inquiry and compare establishments before deciding to purchase, otherwise they could pay up to 80% more for same product.

The reason for the price difference, say the creators of the platform, is that there is still little competition in e-commerce, so they identify great potential for the mid-sized specialist stores that want to enter the digital marketplace.

Finally Garcia said: "On the consumer side, the main problem that hinders the growth of online commerce is the bad service of cyber protection by banks during the buying process."


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