Netizens assume that Peña Nieto's daughter may have suffered an accident


Ciudad Obregón.- Nicole Peña Pretelini Peña Nieto's daughter sowed " doubts on the Internet after posting a story on Instagram, where the daughter of the former president wears a leash.

Capture of history of the Instagram of Nicole Peña and Alejandra Capetillo

In the photo of the story, Nicole is shown alongside Alejandra CapetilloDaughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, in the neck of the young woman is able to see an object covering the entire area, which caught the attention of Internet users, beginning the doubt among their followers.

It means how I'm Carmine and Hi! Mexico they emphasize that Nicole Peña Pretelini and Ale Capetillo They have been friends for years, until it was stated that the first gave the Capetillo family a puppy after the death of his friend's pet.

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