Narro renounces the PRI and accuses the intervention "coarse" from the government


The former Rector of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), José Narro Robles, left on Wednesday the electoral contest to direct the Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), in addition to resigning from the political institute, to which he was affiliated for more than 46 years.

The reasons for its exit, as mentioned in a video posted on its social networks, is the alleged intervention of the government in the election of the national leader of the political institute.

"There is a favorite of the PRI leadership, the official candidate of the governors and who was, until recently, the political leader of the party." As if that were not enough, the signs of federal government intervention in the same direction are rude. Who, until a few months ago, declared against the official candidate, today encourages and protects him, and we must prevent the decisions of the PRI continue to be taken by the president in turn, "he said.

In addition, he emphasized that although the process has not yet begun formally, there is already a result.

"This is a farce that has already worked, the trap is in the pattern, the excessive growth in Coahuila, Mexico City, Campeche and Oaxaca, they will be taken to vote on whoever fills the party with shame.", He explained.

In March of this year, the former head of the Ministry of Health announced his intention to compete to lead the PRI at the national level.

On Twitter, Sonoran Manlio Fabio Beltrones lamented Narro's resignation from the tricolor game.

"I regret it and very much the resignation of my friend @JoseNarroR @PRI_Nacional." The reasons already outlined, "wrote Beltrones Rivera, and said he will not vote on August 11 with that pattern, to say irregular, which speaks of calling.

Meanwhile, Governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, considered that the resignation of the former director of UNAM is an internal issue that has to address the PRI and mentioned that in the race for leadership there are always differences.

"I think that in the specific case of the PRI, it brings its own internal choice, its own dynamics and well, I am sure that the leadership and all those who act will find the best channels and forms," ​​he said.

Beatriz Pagés later announced her resignation from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, after questioning that "it was decided to hand over the political force to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador."

"As @JoseNarroR, I announced my resignation to @ PRI_Nacional. It is unacceptable that it was decided to deliver the game to @lopezobrador," he wrote in his Twitter account.

Pagés Rebollar participated in 2005 in the campaign team of the PRI presidential candidate Roberto Madrazoand in 2006 she was elected multi-member federal deputy to the LX Congress Legislature.

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