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Nana Fine is still fashionable


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O June 23, 1999, the last episode of the comedy show La Nañera was aired, then the audience had to say goodbye Fran Fine, the exotic and irreverent protagonist that marked an era in TV, but also in fashion.

The fashion expert Gerard Cortez he explained that curiously in the early 1990s Fran Fine, played by the actress Fran Drescher, was not considered as an icon because it was all contrary to what is considered good taste, your weird and funny clothes; although attracting attention, People did not dare dress like her.

"It made her a fashion icon because he dared in the 1990s to wear clothes that no one dared; but it was thanks to his costume designer Brenda Cooper who created this fancy wardrobe for Fran Fine.

"Today we see all that fashion of the 90's, those clothes that I used Moschino, Versace, with a different appearance, we see this as cool and fun clothes this generation would wearbecause we are looking back because 90 is already a moment that deserves a tribute"

During six seasons and 146 episodes – The series was broadcast from November 3, 1993 to June 23, 1999 – the audience could see how a carefree Queens girl stood out among the top women. Manhattan wearing designer clothes like Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi or Todd Oldham, while working as a nanny.

For Cortez, who is also the judge of the Change the Look program, if Fran Fine had emerged in this era of social networking and what is viral, he would have been a powerful influencer because no one could get attention.

"Before the 90's we did not have the opportunity to go to Instagram every day, to Twitter and see what went through the heads of the great designers, which can now be done and brings us closer to fashion and vanguard; , upon seeing her, would say, "I want to be like her."

Despite the fact that in the early seasons of this sitcom the client Brenda Cooper did not have as much budget, his idea of ​​resorting to the secondhand stores of high fashion clothes and creating sensational looks with the clothes acquired there made the biggest Brands turned to Fran and clothed her.

"Every time she appeared on the stairs and stopped, it was the seconds that gave people a chance to enjoy Fran Fine's clothes and then the series began, that's how the production started to give relevance to the clothes and was became part of the character This was the key to success.

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