As of Monday, Movistar's customers in Spain can use electronic SIM cards -known as eSIM-in your smartphones.

The ad has just been produced one week after the release of iOS 12.1, an update of software which allows the eSIM system on iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Unlike conventional SIM cards, the eSIM they do not require the insertion of a physical card into the phone. The client only needs access credentials – provided by the operator – which, once inserted in the configuration section of the smartphone, allows you to connect to the telephone network. These credentials can be entered manually or by scanning a QR code generated by the operator.

For a while, The eSIM movistar cards are compatible exclusively with the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. However, the operator clarifies that "as new eSIM-compatible devices appear on the market, they can be used with Movistar and SIM."

New customers You can take advantage of Movistar and SIM without additional cost. Customers, however, will have to pay 11 euros, the same amount that the company requests for a duplicate of the standard SIM.

Some important appraisals:

  • The eSIM card is compatible with the MultiSIM service. A client, therefore, can simultaneously have an eSIM on an iPhone XS and a physical SIM on a Galaxy Note 9.

  • Restoring the factory telephone does not delete the eSIM data. The client will have to access the specific application to exclude data associated with the eSIM.

  • Although Apple Watch uses an eSIM to connect to LTE networks, Movistar does not mention it in any of its official communications. Hipertextual contacted Telef√≥nica. We will update this article when a response is issued.

  • When eSIM expands, manufacturers like Apple or Samsung eliminate the SIM card slots on their phones. The future passes through the electronic SIM.