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Morena will push abortion decriminalization across the country

Brunette present a reform initiative to the Federal Penal Code and the General Law of Salud to decriminalize the interruption of the embargo throughout the country before the 12 weeks of gestation.

The orders will be pushed along with an exhort, in transitory articles, so that the state legislatures will harmonize norms in accordance with the changes at the federal level, if informed, three forces held in 20 entities, in the so-called "decision-making", These reforms were found to be a necessity throughout the country.

In there Mexico Cityof the 214 thousand 165 cases of interruption of the embargo that has been inhabited 149,000 74 were residents of this city, but 65,000 91 came from other states.

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Eso "It is clear that there is a need to guarantee access to health services that guarantee a legal and safe disruption", according to Rocío Villarauz Martínez in the presentation of the initiative and the results of the forums.

In agreement with the proposal, propelled by the parliamentary group of Morena and that will be presented this week in full, will be considered abortion when the interruption is later than 12 weeks.

In addition each institution of health must guarantee that, among its personal, At least one person within all shifts is able to practice an interruption of the embarrassment and no objection of conscience.

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Other changes consist that, if there is to abort a woman without her consent, a sentence of three to six years of imprisonment and her physical violence will be punishable by the moral of six to five years of imprisonment.

Any personal physician who causes an abortion without the consent of such sanctions shall be suspended from five to five years in the exercise of his profession.

The woman who voluntarily practices abortion warns him that another child will abort after 12 weeks of embarrassment, if three to six months of imprisonment or 100 to 300 days of work in favor of the community and only will be punished. If the abortion is consumed, it is planted.

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Such a pity will be imposed on anyone who has aborted a woman after 12 weeks with her consent.

In the event, the holder of the National Institute of Women, Nadine Gasman, highlighted the relevance of the initiative to alarming figures, among them the National Council of Población (Conapo), according to In 2016 all the days 32 niñas became converts in madres.

This is 11 thousand 808 children under 10 years old to 14 years old who have had an abortion because of their sexual violence and embarrassment. "As a state we have the obligation to guarantee sexual and reproductive outcomes."


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