Morena members joined the "fifis" and voted against the repeal of the educational reform: AMLO


Salina Cruz, Oaxaca.- The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador claimed that some federal deputies of Morena they joined the legislators "fifis" and voted against the repeal of education reform.

"Now some teachers opposed the reform that was voted in the Chamber of Deputies and some deputies, teachers, voted, when they voted for the deputies of the conservative parties, there they joined fifis; Fortunately, most understand that we have a word and I I am fulfilling, "said the president. Matías Romeroat where
came to oversee the project of the Transistor Train, which will link the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico.

Last Thursday, during the discussion of the initiative to cancel the Educational Reform of 2013, eight deputies from Morena de Oaxaca – and linked to the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) – voted against one of the main promises of the López Obrador Campaign ; one more Member voted in abstention.

Among them, they are Azael Santiago Chepi, exlíder do Section 22 of CNTE.

Lopez Obrador said his opponents want him not to keep his promises, but he said they will keep the desire.


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