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Mercury will pass in front of the Sun in November

One of the most impressive shows in the most impressive firmament of 2019 will be Mercury's path in front of the sun. It is for this reason that she can lose herself. Good news is that it will be visible in parts of the world.

This November 11, the planet nearer the Sun will be seen from the Tierra as a small black dot crossing the star.

"I have to say that Mercury is very small, apparently so, seen from Tierra, it is 160 times smaller than the Sun. Because it is extremely difficult to locate the black point," explained Rafael Bachiller, director of the Royal Observatory. Astronomical of Madrid, the El Mundo.

  • The inhabitants of South America and the east of North America will be a testament to the traffic in their entirety.
  • The west of North America will see traffic in progress at dawn.
  • Africa, Europe and the Middle East will see the traffic in progress at dusk.
sunshine stars
The Sun has 4,500,000,000 years ago. This type of stars burns during approximately cloud 10 thousand years of years.
Photo: Getty Images

The duration of the traffic will be 5 hours, 28 minutes and 47 seconds.

Make sure you observe the optical phenomenon of black drop during the input and output phases of the event. Now the planet will emerge as a black drop, where its silhouette merges with the edge of the sun. This phenomenon is most pronounced during the processing of Venus.

  • Will the Sol be impeccable for the event?

The possibilities seem quite high. That's because a small group of sunspots disappeared from the beginning of November.

Sun Mercury Tierra Transit
Mercury pasó facing the Sun also on May 9, 2016.
Photo: Getty Images

Aiming Mercury traffic in front of the sun can damage the view?

It is very important that there are security protocols for observing the Mercury country ahead of the star. These are the same precautionary measures that are required to observe a partial eclipse of the Sun. Therefore, to avoid damaging the eyes, a telescope or special lenses should be used, as well as some darkening filters, but with more specialized filters.

What time will you see?

  1. The astronomical event could be observed from 6:35 am (Tiempo de México).
  2. At 09:36 hours, Mercury will be passing by the center of Sol (Tiempo de México).
  3. At 12:04 it will come to su fin (Tiempo de México).

The good news is that one does not need a perfectly flushed eye to see the Mercury transit in front of the Sun.

Mercury Solar System
Mercury is the planet of the solar system but around the sun.
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Why are planetary traffic so frequent?

Wake up to the National Geographic Institute, called the transit of a planet across the surface of the Sun. From the Tierra, only the most interior planets can be seen: Mercury (13 per cent) and Venus (only three per cent) millennium).

Producing when the Sun, the inner planet and the Tierra are perfectly aligned. The rarity of these phenomena is due to the slight inclination existing between the orbits of the planets.

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In this video you can see a traffic simulation that will take place on November 11, 2019:

With information from NASA, ScienceAlert, Universe Today, The World, the Royal Astronomical Observatory of Madrid and the National Geographic Institute.

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