McDonald's dismisses its Premium line, to return to classic ?


McDonald's, the fast food chain that we all love as kids, dwill continue with the homemade recipe burgers, better known in Mexico as Premium line where the burger is included Club House Signature and Crispi Barbecued Onion, with bacon, cheddar and fried onion, to focus renew the flavor of your classic and delicious Quarter Pounder, which is taking its second breath, after the American firm, It will improve the traditional recipe with fresh and not frozen meat as it was done until 2018.

The decision was taken two years after its launch, the Premium Line, I did not have the sales expected, then they consulted their diners and the response was the same, more preferred Quarter Pound, well above the signature workedSo on Wednesday, April 17, 2019, we woke up with the news. "Based on consumer feedback, we will remove the Signature Crafted Recipes line from our national menu" McDonald's said on its website.

McDonald's dispenses its Premium Line, to return to the classic


United States will be the first country where gourmet burgers will be discontinued, and it is hoped that little by little restaurants in 199 countries. Although, in fact, it is not a goodbye, after all. The idea is create a new line of hamburgers, with the distinctive Premium Line, but with all the flavor of the Quarter Pound. "Our new Quarter Pounder line offers customers more of the enjoyable, customizable and delicious flavors they love", adds the portal.

The president of the American chain, Chris Kempczinski, approved in May 2017, the launch of signature Crafted Recipes thinking it would be a hitazo between the millennials, however, two years after its launch, they realized that what guests really appreciate are the fresh produce and good quality.

McDonald's dispenses its Premium Line, to return to the classic

Therefore, the premium line not only will be replaced by a new quarter-pounder range, but will also be improved. In addition, the international company plans to increase your offer on the breakfast menu, such as the "Donut Stick", which is already sold in the United States, a sandwich based on sugar and cinnamon, and on top of that, the delicious milkshakes are already back in our country.

These are just a few strategies, with which McDonald's remains as one of the favorite restaurants for young and old, though a few months ago lost the trademark rights of its traditional "Big Mac", the American company, andIt is forged with far more strengths than the name of a hamburger or its Premium line.

One of the values with which the company is run, is to be a restaurant inclusiveIt is not uncommon for someone with different capacities I'll give you the order or clear the tables. Now we just have to wait the new versions of Cuarto de Libra, make their appearance in the McDonald's of Mexico to be able to devour them.


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