Mazda and Mercedes Benz, the best car brands: JD Power


Mexico City /

The company specializing in market research JD Power recognized Mazda of Mexico as the brand of volume cars and Mercedes Benz as luxury brand, which is the best valued by its customers in the sales satisfaction index.

The general director of JD Power of Mexico, Gerardo Gómez, Said that in a smaller sales scenario, customer assessment is essential for brands to keep their customers. For this year, the company's estimate is that 1.36 million new units will be marketed, 3.9% less than in 2018.

To realize this sales satisfaction index, JD Power carried out 3,328 interviews in the period from September 27, 2018 to February 25 of this year and evaluated the delivery of the vehicle, which is the most relevant factor and considers the explanation of the car, the time of delivery, as well as factors such as negotiation for car purchase, consultant performance, facilities and test drive.



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