Monday , December 9 2019
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Lupe Esparza has already replied to Ramiro Delgado!

After some days Ramiro Delgadomember of Broncowill accuse Lupe Esparza of treachery, ill-treatment and financial mismanagement, the latter has already spoken about this, because through a press release, the singer has defined his stance on this fact.

The singer denied Delgado's accusations and invited him to talk ...

In this it is stated that, despite the absence of Ramiro On the tour they are currently performing, the group has had a resounding success, and specifically on the issue of Lupe He said:

"Ramiro, compadre, you know the things you're saying in the media have no basis. I invite you to trust that we have always had, we sit down to talk about any concerns you have that try to solve it in the best way. "

In addition, through social networks, a video was released where Lupe It is approached by the press to talk about this controversy, but this completely avoids the press.

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