Luis Miguel celebrated his 49th birthday with an exceptional gift from his brother Alejandro (PHOTO)


Luis Miguel has been characterized by being very reserved in his personal life and by what has to do with his family, but his brother Alejandro Basteri showed a little more shared in personal matters.

The brother of "El Sol" shared through his Instagram account images and phrases that show slight glimpses in his and his brother's life.

On this day he was one of them and decided to spread an image with a beautiful message dedicated to his older brother and was happy to celebrate another year of life of Luis Miguel.

"Humility of the human being is his main source of wisdom, always simple with all and great as always, happy birthday …. (I.e.(I.e.(I.e.(I.e.(I.e. I love you hand … .. !!!! #good Vibrations(I.e.# happy birthday # brothers # sergrande, "he wrote.

In the photo you see Luis Miguel wearing a cap, shirt and hugging, smiling his brother, along with two other boys, one of them Gerardo Islas, who in his Instagram account also transmitted an image with "The Sun".

The message was posted on the Intagram almost at the end of the day and a few minutes after it was broadcast, it had thousands of hearts.

Everything indicates that the celebration of the 49 years was in Acapulco. Luis Miguel fulfilled this day 49 years of life surrounded by the love of his fans and his brother and friends.

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