Thursday , February 27 2020
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Lorenzo Lazo's homenaje to his deceased wives

The video of the sale accumulates more than 10 thousand reproductions and it can be read hundreds of comments from followers thanking Lazo for the details. Since Edith falleció, the economist recuerda en su cuenta from Instagram with photos or videos of where she is happy.

“Edith, rest in peace”, “Edith always in our hearts”, “If you love and extra”, “Much good homenaje”, “Ojalá all the faithful many have a homenaje there” and “What a beautiful altar”, fueron Some of the comments I received from your followers.

This is the first day of the family to Edith. A few days ago, your brother, Victor Manuel González, if present in the program Hoy to remember with the actress cariño and to place his photograph in the altar of many that prepare the production dedicated to the famous ones that will be this year.

“It's the first day of the pilgrimage of the dead that touches us with Edith, very dear. Most of all we are very grateful because the people want it so much, ”says Victor, who has always been very close to the protagonist of soap operas. “Hoy returns to this house that so many years ago has provided satisfaction,” he added.

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