Loan to Toño Rodríguez con Lobos ends and does not know what will happen


The goalkeeper of Lobos BUAP, José Antonio Rodríguez, whose contract belongs to Chivas, acknowledged that his future is subject to what the leaders decide, because he is currently on loan to the Puebla team, but the loan will end in this tournament.

Toño Rodríguez in the practice of Lobos BUAP @LobosBuapMX

Rodriguez It has reassessed football throughout the city and does not rule out returning. However, their fate is still open to any possibility.

"Let's see what people in long pants decide, where they open a goal for me, I will always give the best of me, I am a person who always works hard, who tries to improve and we will see what happens," said the goalkeeper of Jalisco.

Grateful for everything he experienced in Chivas, says it will be a "great blessing" to meet people known for many years at this Saturday's meeting.

"It's an institution I've known since the age of 15 and it will be a great blessing to see familiar faces, great friendships and facilities that I know, right and wrong and undoubtedly will be a beautiful game," he said.

Now with Lobos BUAP They will want to leave behind the bitter drink that meant the defeat of the previous week in the Puebla classic; Your priority is to add more points to the remaining tournament duels.

"It's a very cool personal matter to be able to face an institution that I have since I was fifteen and where I could face great friends, it's a lot of emotions, I hope to enjoy it and I hope that at the end of the game, Lobos will get three points."


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