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Justin Bieber's bomb (and Hailey Baldwin) to end Selena Gomez

April 29, 2019
(13:29 CET)

There are no more rumors and controversies around Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. It seems that the couple begins to like their love and this is the best for the Canadian singer to recover from his bad moments. Since Selena Gomez He left the rehabilitation center did not stop harassing him with false news and the singer exploded making clear his love for the model. For him, Gomez does not exist anymore. He will always appreciate it, but nothing more. Bieber and Baldwin They will live very soon in the new house that the artist gave the model. A new life begins and it seems that the official marriage is still standing.

Justin bieber returned to be the most sought after name in social networks, but not for something bad, calm. Justin bieber He became a fan of Jonas Brothers. It seems that he also liked the return of the brothers and their new great music. The Canadian was recorded while both were in a car and danced and sang to the beat of Sucker, the new one of the brothers. Perhaps thanks to them I recover the illusion of music and confirm their return to the stage.

In the video he looks very smiling, it seems that he is already much better. It also sends a cool message to your classmates. He is very excited about his return. "The Jonas Brothers are Back", the singer wrote next to the video, where he is seen singing and dancing. A video in black and white, but calm because it does not describe your mood. They are the singer's favorite colors.

This video comes only 24 hours later Bieber's joke with the state of good hope of his wife. I say that Baldwin was pregnant, but finally everything was a lie. Although who knows if soon this will be real, because they are very in love and could not like anything for Gomez, who at the time imagined a life at his side. Both dreamed of having children. For now the followers of the singer are calm

Messages from Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin

No trace of Selena Gomez. The singer floods his Instagram with photos of the model, his current partner. He wants to make it clear once and for all who he really is in love. And this person has a name Hailey Baldwin. Nothing will stand in your way, even if you try. Your relationship is going full steam.

While the Canadian singer parks the music to recover from his humor, Bieber is dedicated to writing poems and they are all inspired by his muse, Baldwin. You get precious texts every time you think about it, that is, every five seconds. In the poem, she makes it clear that the model has been her only support in her life and that she loves her madly. He is happy to have found it.

It also shows a photo where you can see it on a balcony of a luxury hotel overlooking the Effiel tower. The photograph belongs to an advertising campaign that the model did in Paris. It must be underwear because the singer's partner appears in a bra and black panties. The young woman holds the breasts so that the bra does not fall and exposes them. In a few hours the photo reached 4 million tanned. Almost anything. And his followers are in love with the poem and his sincere words.

The couple more and more in love

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin they would be considering having children in common. The Canadian singer has always liked children and in more than one interview made it clear that he would like to be a young father. This means that he touches or passes the rice to him.

At the moment it seems that Baldwin does not think the same thing or maybe he was joking. Kylie Jenner posted a photo where she appeared with other adults full of children and she said she could not take it any more, so she shouted "no children" as a mental note. To which the model responded with "exact" laughter.

Will Bieber have seen this?

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