Wednesday , April 21 2021

Juan Díaz de la Torre requests a license as leader of the SNTE

MEXICO CITY (APR) .- The leader of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), Juan Diaz de la Torre, requested a definitive license for the position, "for the sake of union and education."

In his place will be Alfonso Cepeda Salas, who works as secretary general.

According to Díaz de la Torre, his decision to apply for a license – a day after former teacher Elba Esther Gordillo Magisterial appeared in a video where he warned that he would take the floor for President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador to democratize the union – it is not a leap into the past to return to lifelong leadership. "

It is, he said, a step to close the way to the temptations of the sickly power of eternal ambition.

"I say this without the intention of offending or disqualifying, I am convinced that in the new times the great opportunity is to conquer true democracy, without tutelage or dependence on any fraction or moral leadership."

Therefore, after almost six years at the head of the SNTE, he proposed reforming the statutes of the teachers' union to eliminate the figure of the president and "put an end to the history of protecting leaders and union corporatism."

Díaz de la Torre, who was re-elected last February, also proposed that a plural commission should define mechanisms to include in the SNTE statutes the direct and secret universal vote for the election of leaders at all levels. And he suggested starting a "true reconciliation."

In his last message as a leading teacher during the 47th Extraordinary General Council of the union, he acknowledged that the country is experiencing challenging times, and noted: "We have perhaps the first real opportunity since the founding of the union to deepen democracy without the intervention of groups of power or spheres of government ".

The opportunity to "consolidate freedom, unity and autonomy in a real and effective manner, together with the next government, with the commitment to respect the internal life of unions and end the history of protection of trade union leaders and corporatism" .

He concluded: "Personally, I am willing to take the first steps to contribute to these goals under the sign of what is now called the fourth national transformation."

Yesterday, supported by the call of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the democratization of trade unions, Elba Esther Gordillo announced that she will fight to recover, with the support of the teachers, the leadership of the SNTE.

"We give the floor to the president-elect, we have to build new leadership, stemming from the free, inclusive, secret and universal vote of each and every one of the education workers," said Gordillo Morales, who was the SNTE leader for 23 years. from April 24, 1989 to February 26, 2013, when she was arrested at Toluca airport, accused of tax fraud and money laundering.

In a video of just under three minutes that he sent to journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva, "the teacher" said: "Mexico has already changed because it changed the way they do politics, those who represented the farce and the simulation exhausted their time. is a change of the sexennium, but the claim of the civic struggle, an organization should not be alien and even less contrary to the aspirations of its constituents, no one serves neither to society, nor to the State, to education or to society. a weak and divided SNTE. "

And in order to achieve "again" the necessary unity and strength, he assured that he will take the floor to López Obrador to build new leadership resulting from the free, inclusive, secret and universal vote of each and every worker in education.

"The strength of the SNTE is in its plurality, that nobody is excluded, that no one renounces to be part of the history: before the events that will come in the SNTE, my position is to contribute to the new moment guaranteeing the best conditions for the trade unionists in the past , we must find the strength for the arduous but fruitful path for which the future challenges us, without one or the other, we will not be nothing, we will lose the way, we will not serve Mexico, "he argued.

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