Joy and his wife will be mothers


Joy, from Duero Jesse and Joy, confirmed that she will be a mother and that she and her wife are very happy!

The singer decided to speak through her account on the Instagram, after people began to speculate about this situation. So many of us learned that not only was he expecting his first baby, but he was also married to another woman and he is completely happy.

As always, there are always people who are vibrating badly and for this, Joy shared: "I wanted to share this beautiful and important news in my life until the day I arrived, but there are those who, out of curiosity, are distorting the information. Since childhood, I have seen sexual preferences beyond black and white: two people loving each other with consent for me is love regardless of sex. And even though I never thought that the love of my life would be a woman, 7 years ago we we knew each other and love took us by surprise.In the beginning, it was difficult for us both to accept that we had reached our destination.But leaving aside the fear and what they are going to say, I opened my arms completely to my happiness.Today my wife and I are waiting for our first baby, a beautiful baby who, thank God, comes full of health and life. "


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