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Isabel Miranda announces legal action against the Proceso; Calderón goes out to defend her

Isabel Miranda has announced a process for the magazine Proceso for the report in which she exposes several irregularities; Felipe Calderón left to defend him

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Regeneration, April 29, 2019. After Proceso published a report alleging that Hugo Alberto is the son of Carlos León and not Enrique Wallace, allegedly murdered by a gang of kidnappers, Isabel Miranda has informed that he will sue for moral damages.

Miranda de Wallace said during an interview with Radio Fórmula that the lawsuit is against whoever is responsible when asked if the lawsuit would go to the weekly Proceso or to the person responsible for the report, the journalist Ricardo Raphael.

The media reported, through an extensive report, that Miranda contracted first marriages with her first cousin, Carlos Leon Miranda, with whom he begot Hugo Alberto León Miranda, however, "Mrs. Wallace" always maintained that she had been the son of his second partner, José Enrique del Socorro Wallace Díaz.

Isabel Miranda issued a statement in which she referred to the publication as "outrageous and inadmissible" and which is intended to insult and attack her dignity as mother and wife, but more "ruin", yet, attacking who is no longer to defend referring to his son.

In response, former President Felipe Calderón, who has always given him a forum to expose the alleged murder of his son and even awarded him the National Human Rights Award in 2010, supported him and stated, prior to the Proceso report, that is he bumps against it.

Even the former president pointed out that there are more important issues than the paternity of Wallace's son, although this kind of fact completely changes the investigation, since Carlos León says that when he went to the PGR to do a blood test, Isabel Miranda did it pass by someone else.

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