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Inheritance and royalties will be seen in due course: José Joel

Jose Joel said his half sister Sara, like Sara Salazar, should answer all the questions asked about the last hours of the music prince

Jose Joel warns that will continue looking for answers about the death of his father, the singer Jose Josein addition to clarifying that he and his sister Sea and sun they are not interested in inheritance and royalties for the interpretative work of "The prince of music."

These were difficult days, but we are getting over my father's death and everything that has happened, ”said Jose Joel, pointing out that there are still many questions about his death, as well as what happened in the last year and a half that he said was incommunicado. .

He noted that both his half sister Sara how the now widow Sara Salazar must answer all these questions, which have been postponed to bring the funeral pomp calmly and to do her father's last will.

The main thing is to know what happened in the last days and then we will look at the issue of royalties and inheritance, since we don't know if there is a will, ”although they believe the ideal is to distribute everything among the three, said the singer. for the press

At this time Jose Joel He has other artistic plans, so he decided to wait and see this subject of his father's royalties later, because he thinks it's not time and he and his sister aren't interested.

My father taught us how to work, so there is no hurry, but what we will follow is to insist on what happened to my father. Why not let the autopsy be done? Why won't we see? He repeated.

These and other questions, said the first interpreter of "The Forgetful Ship," will be resolved because he and many people in Latin America ask the same questions. "We're not behind what he left."

Prior to this he did not want to give details or speculate about the existence of a possible will; In his view, the truth is that the documents her father signed with Sara to take charge of his property were invalidated with his death.

According to Jose Joel, the lawyers explained this to him and as they begin to see this part of the royalties and will, because he is confident that at some point his half sister may reconsider and reveal if there is any.

If there weren't, I think it would be fair to split it between three, but that doesn't matter at the moment, we want to know what happened to my dad, ”said the singer, who also revealed that the Miami authorities are helping them.

However, he assured that Sergio Mayer, chairman of the House of Culture's Committee on Culture, who traveled to Miami to help them repatriate the singer's body, never approached them, was only with the widow.

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