Increases the likelihood of asthma in obese children: your doctor


An investigation carried out by the Duke University, United States, revealed that obesity in children can be the cause of more than 25% of cases of asthma in obese children. This would mean that around 10% of the cases between 2 and 17 years could be avoided healthy weight.

Researchers say after their study that obesity may be the only factor that causes asthma which can be avoided. During the analysis, it was found that the obese children They are 30% more likely to develop asthma than healthy children.

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Increasing cases of asthma in obese and overweight children

About 500 thousand children were analyzed, among the children studied, some were found Overweight. They also presented risk of asthma increased by 17% compared to healthy weight children.

In this sense, scientists have the theory that the link between obesity and asthma is due to the development of lungs and airways of children. As well as inflammatory changes in the body caused by obesity.

In addition, the evidence indicates that asthma improves with weight loss. For what experts consider that obesity is a relevant factor for the development of the disease.

It is then that the researchers emphasize the importance of prevent obesity since childhood. Not only to avoid the risk of asthma, but to reduce the appearance of various complications.

Asthma in obese children

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The investigation continues

However, experts have acknowledged that they need to do more research to confirm the link between obesity and obesity. risk of childhood asthma. Because the study does not point to the specific relationship that Obesity as a cause of development of asthma.


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