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In the midst of the controversy over the charge of his regalia, Sergio Mayer was present in a tribute to José José in Miami

One of the attendees to the event that took place this Sunday at the Miami County Auditorium in the United States was the controversial Mexican actor Sergio Mayer, which I am aware of is that city with the intention that the body of the deceased singer is present in the honors in Mexico.

“We know that you are not in agreement (Sara Salazar and Sara Sosa), so that José José's body moves to Mexico. See if we got it right, ”Mayer said during the blue rink on the street in Mexico City's Crystal Show, Cirque du Soleil.

“I travel with a foreign affairs representative to work with them (the family) and strengthen the negotiation,” he said. “The greatest of these have been prudent, with no statements made by me, even though it is not complicated. , but there are no replicas of the suitcase information, ”he asked the average.

Mayer, current chairman of the Committee on Culture and Cinematography of the Chamber of Diputados, held in the midst of the scandal of which the Argentine actor and conductor Javier Ceriani “The Güero Peligroso” revealed that the collection of digital perks as a performer of José José held the company Morena, of which supposedly Sergio Mayer is partner.

“I am not blaming Sergio, I am saying that he knows what he knows about the money, if he really is right that Morena, his company, was complaining about these rewards,” Ceriani insisted.

For your part Mayer Bretón señaló “I will not deny it (the charge of the regalia), nor will I confirm it, I am going to give you some tips, if you want to know if there is any company, you are in the Public Register of the Property and if you have a Brunette if you should ask who they are due; if you want to know about the benefits, you have to go there to find out what you have left, ”he added.

The pasado the jueves 3 of octubre, the conductor Javier Ceriani reaffirmed in the program "From first hand" that a company by the name of Mayer Bretón, was the one that covers the benefits that José José generaba in YouTube.

I explained that There are three types of perks: author, interpreter and content, and “The Prince of Cancer” covers the second. Ceriani apuntó that digital profits were $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 a month; However, I will never get to the singer.

According to the conductor, José José received only $ 300 to $ 400 at a time when the artist needed money and by him the “Prince” pidió support of his friends and the dijo: “Ayúdenme. Tell me that in social networks if you earn money, where is the platform, ”says Ceriani.

So I hired a Miami expert on YouTube and found out that the cuid where José José contained as an interpreter were being handled “by a company called Morena and owned by Sergio Mayer.

Mayer's last companion has connections with a joseph by José José, called Monique and heroes of Sarita Sosa.

In 2015 a version emerged that a political company claims the benefits and that José José intended to make a demand against the actor, but this is something that has never been confirmed.

According to the lawyer Guillermo Pous “José José can sign a representation contract with some company, so that through them the rules will be reclaimed, surely he will be responsible for the revision of the states of the cuenta, preserving a percentage and the differentiation. if you gave it to the artist or the correspondent. It's cool that you manage those things, ”he explained.

Despite what the exact day that José José's remains will be brought to Mexico, and they are preparing the honors to give him the last adiós "The Prince of Cancer" in his land.

According to a joint communiqué between the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of Culture, the performer of songs such as “The Sad”, he could receive a tribute to the Palace of Bellas Artes, “as an artistic honor at the National Auditorium in later weeks ”

The Secretary of Culture of Mexico City Alfonso Suarez del Real stated that Bellas Artes is open for a tribute to José José in attachment to an agreement between the federal and city governments of Mexico.

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