Tuesday , October 19 2021

In Cancun, it is ensured that Veracruz is on sale, the MX League does not know


In Cancun, voices are growing. They are heard in the corridors, in the meeting and conference rooms, but even the ears of the MX League are nothing official: Veracruz is for sale or has already been sold.

Pre-season training for the red sharks of Veracruz Imago7

The speculation is growing in the mouths of reporters in this city, however, the confirmation does not come from somewhere because, while the federations do not express themselves on the subject, the information that flows and is not confirmed is that the team has no money and is practically the highest bid.

News he could investigate that the team has an offer at the table, but from there to be sold is something else, although from El Puerto came the version that employees were warned that the club could be in the hands of another owner

Truth is one thing: from the highest echelons of the The MX League does not have a single modification for the owners, so everything that is said is a lie or just rumors.

In addition, the players did not cash in three months. There is a promise that debts will be liquidated next Friday, but no one knows for sure what will happen at the institution.

So far, the presence of Enrique Meza, a team coach, who relies on the word of Fidel Kuri, who at the time told his acquaintances before he died that they sell to Veracruz. Let's see what happens in the next few hours.

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