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If you were born before 1989, you will need to get this vaccine again

This does not necessarily mean that all people born before 1989 must leave immediately to get the MMR vaccine again. O Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they only recommend, for example, that people who were vaccinated between 1963 and 1967 with a dead virus vaccine would receive an injection of the current vaccine, since the previous version was not very effective. O CDC They also recommend that adults who are not yet vaccinated receive at least one vaccine.

That said, it is known that measles immunity that the vaccine provides can decrease years or decades later, even in people who received two injections. And interestingly, the research also showed that mumps outbreaks in young people may be related to decreased immunity at a much faster rate, prompting some scientists to request a third booster vaccine at age 18. years On the other hand, the CDC says that public health authorities may recommend a third boost for people at greater risk of mumps, such as those living close to a current outbreak.

But what happens if you live in an area that is currently experiencing a measles outbreak? To the best of our knowledge, there are few additional benefits if you place a third MMR vaccine only for measles. But if you have just received an MMR vaccine (or do not know your vaccination history), there is no harm in going to the doctor and asking about the vaccine, especially if you live in United States, and specifically in California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York or Washington, where the current outbreak is being fought.

In TwitterSome people vaccinated, including doctors, say they saw their doctor to check their antibody levels and in some cases received a stimulus if those levels were particularly low.

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