Huawei grows in sales as Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple decline


In 2018, the appreciation of stagnation in the distribution of smartphones with numbers beginning to fall, something that is evident in the numbers that show the first quarter of 2019. The smart phone is a market that shows clear signs of saturation; although there are brands that still have a significant growth margin, as is the case Huawei.

The podium took years invariably: Samsung first and Apple in the second. Huawei has managed to snatch Apple's second place in smartphone makers around the world with the aspiration to become the first in the medium term. As shown by the estimated numbers of IDC this aspiration would not be so far Huawei grew almost 50% in the distribution of smartphones during the last year. And it is the only one that grows with the exception of VIVO, the group Electronics BBK (along with OPPO and OnePlus).

Huawei consolidates second position as smartphone maker stealing land from Apple and Samsung

The estimated data that the IDC shows in relation to the smartphone distribution they keep Samsung first with Huawei in second Apple thirdly and Xiaomi in the bedroom. Last year, from the first quarter of 2018 until the first of 2019, it was especially convulsive for Apple, as it lost a 30% market share. This loss in distribution was reflected in the benefits communicated to investors: wearables and services grow, reduces the sale of iPhones.

Below you have the IDC with year-over-year changes in smartphone distribution around the world.

Huawei grows in sales as Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple decline

Samsung lost part of its hegemony in the smartphone market, although it continues to occupy the top position with a 23% share. It's a minor drop from the first quarter of 2018, but Huawei is dangerously close, as its growth in distribution has been spectacular: of almost 38%. There is no doubt that the goal of the brand, to win first place on the podium, is approaching: if we follow this trend, we will see Huawei as the number one in the world in no more than two years. And Xiaomi does not seem to be deterred from doing so by the numbers.

Huawei grows in sales as Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple decline

One final note is the drop in smartphone sales worldwide. In relation to the first quarter of 2018, in the year of 2019 the distribution fell 7%; with a market that especially accused such fall, the American: there the fall was of 15%.


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