How to use the free version of YouTube Music on Google Home speakers


Just yesterday, it was known that Google was releasing a free version of its music streaming service YouTube Music. To enjoy it, some requirements need to be met, and in addition, certain settings must be established. We show everything that needs to be done to take advantage of this new option.

To use the free version of YouTube Music (which includes ads), you must use a Google Home Speaker or another model that is directly compatible with the voice assistant offered by Mountain View. If so, you can take advantage of this new option that recently announced the creative signature of Android. And all that, without having to manipulate any buttons, which is always an interesting addition for users who have one of these "smart" accessories, since it is possible that they play a playlist to read or play sports with just saying "Ok Google, play music for exercise".

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Incidentally, if there is any doubt, this new option is available in Spain, as well as in other regions such as Mexico, Italy, Germany, USA or France. This is undoubtedly one of the big differences that exist now with the same service that Amazon has released for its Echo speakers since it is only available in the United States.

Turn on YouTube Music's free service on Google Home

Fortunately, this is not complicated if the requirements we mentioned above are met. Of course, to make the necessary configuration, you must have the application installed on your phone or tablet Google Home (We leave the download link after this paragraph) and of course also the YouTube Music app.

Google Home
Google Home

Google Home
Google Home

This is what has to be done to enjoy the new service announced by the Mountain View company, you have to do the following:

  • Speak the Google Home app on the operating system device iOS or Android
  • Look at the top of the screen for an icon called settings, with the image of a circular gear, and to use it always having selected the speaker Google Home
  • Now check the screen that appears looking for the sections called Google Assistant Services and select Music
  • The next thing is that in the list of options you have installed on your device, you have to select YouTube Music to be the default music service for the smart speaker

Once you have done this, you will have finished and you'll be able to take advantage of YouTube Music's new cost-effective service, which from time to time includes ads in the true Spotify style. Then from simple and it all.

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