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How to charge the battery of an electric car in time

The different vehicle brands every day apuestan by crear electric cars. One of the most important suckers of this type of carriages is that it helps to catch fuel and it needs a little maintenance. However, one of yours misadventures It's the time they need to charge the battery.

One of the questions that surrounds this type of car is knowing if it is possible charge the battery of an auto tram en poco tiempo. Y to solve this cuestión, ingenieros de la Pennsylvania State University performed an experiment to demonstrate if these are possible.

According to the investigation carried out, the batteries of these coaches are mainly found in lithium ions. Quickly load it battery of an auto electric An ambient temperature below 10 degrees Celcius treats as a consequence that the battery will degrade.

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This is causing the lithium ions not to insert smoothly into the carbon nodes of the battery, making the coating of lithium generate electrical spikes, so the battery becomes insecure.

The ingenieros also discovered that there battery of an auto electric If charged by more than 10 degrees Celcius could reduce the load time, however these temperatures could also degrade the battery.

charge-battery-auto-10-minutes-_2.jpg "src =" "style =" width: 567px; height: 378px; "/></p><p>But not all the news bags ya that's only possible <strong>charge the battery of an auto tram</strong> in 10 minutes. The ingenieros if dieron thinks that expose her <u><span style=drums A temperature of 60 degrees Celcius and heat rapidly cooling to room temperature does not cause the battery to degrade or generate electrical surges.

With this fall demonstrated that there battery of an auto electric You could load this soil in 10 minutes. But to be able to achieve it is necessary to use a special battery that fits with a cooling system.

This battery should have a thin nickel blade connected to the negative terminal of the battery and the fuel cell. The nickel blade warms up in a few seconds as the electrons will cause the ions to change quickly and will cause a coating. With this drumming a car could rotate in 10 minutes.

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