Horoscope today, June 23, 2019, of all the zodiacal signs


In today's horoscope, Sunday, June 23, I advise you to learn to use the energies of the Sun and to walk the path it shows. According to the element of your zodiacal sign, the sun can benefit you or not. Know your influence.

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The Sun does not favor you by going through Cancer, so it will be a test time for you to learn to control your impatience and bad mood.

These are weeks in which it can be difficult to keep your concentration and calm before any change or obstacle that may arise. Developing perseverance will be your biggest challenge, as well as not being overwhelmed in situations that generate anger and despair.

Do not exhaust your physical or emotional energies and seek a conscious exit from your impatience. I recommend that you do more physical exercises to channel your impulses.
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The Sun, when passing through Cancer, benefits you so that you can develop more of its qualities and, above all, its most seductive and harmonious side, besides being more emotional and communicative.

Approach those who fought or left in the past and to whom you still hold your anger. It's time to make peace. For this reason, propose a truce and open them again at the door of your heart to integrate them into your life.

Consider that later you may need them and miss them. It is also a good time for your financial life.
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It is a good time to learn to walk a little slower day by day and not waste energy on issues that will not serve you later.

Be more tolerant and patient, let the acceleration so common in your person and spend more time with people close to you. Listen to your proposals as economic opportunities may arise that you did not expect, as well as contract signatures or trade agreements.

Try to stay mentally open to the financial financial opportunities that come your way.
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By the energy that you receive from the Sun, you will feel in complete renewal of your being, capable of turning the negative into positive and thus facing life in another way.

Being the month of your birthday, you will be living your solar revolution with a new drive to improve your living conditions, be it physically, emotionally and / or mentally. Balance yourself.

For this, I recommend making changes you want to make in your way of dressing or cutting hair, but be encouraged to change. It starts to vibrate differently and others notice when they see you.
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You get a period in which you will learn something very important in your life.

You will have the ability to lower your ego and be more tolerant of others, since, generally, to attract attention, do not stop too much into an issue or wait for someone's response. Now, while it may seem strange to you, the energy of the Sun favors you so you do not want to shine so brightly.

In addition, you agree to give priority to others. It is a learning that in a few weeks will allow you to stand out with more nobility of heart.
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The Sun, when passing to the sign of Cancer, benefits you to improve the conditions of your life in general and, especially, in your particular relationships.

It will be easier to maintain a balance between what you give and what you receive, since you usually take care of giving and then feel bad when you do not get what you want and what you expect. In addition to what it makes you feel, I recommend that you do not put filters in these situations.

Go and show what you feel and what you are. This natural flow will allow you to receive the love and understanding you want for yourself more quickly.
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Because of the energies of the Sun that are changing, it is important that you, on a professional and professional level, be more careful. I recommend that you only get the commitments that you have the security to fulfill.

Do not confront bosses or your co-workers. Avoid generating bad environments and discussions in the work environment. Have more patience while the solstice ritual acts.

Do not rush what your own preparation time should take. If you have to submit a new project, check it very well so you do not miss any mistakes.
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The Sun of Cancer is generating a special warmth to fill you with pure vitality and recover from the last emotional wounds you have received. With this, you can achieve a wonderful cure for your heart.

But in addition to what has been mentioned, your vital energy will be stronger and you will be able to regenerate, from within, your best resources to continue your personal growth.

This is not the time to lower your arms, just the opposite. It is time to keep your willpower and determination to follow the path you have chosen.
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You start a month in which you do not want to attract rivalries or conflicts, either with your partner or with partners, about how to take out the finances or the expenses they have made.

Your learning will be related to being able to talk and, in a good way, to reach new agreements. Do not gain anxiety and impatience because if this happens, you can not clearly see what is really happening.

Do not make impulsive decisions and count to ten before you speak, because in no time you will realize that it is not worth fighting for money.
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In the horoscope of those days, I had told you six months ago that you were years old, so it was a good time to review what began at that time.

The problem is that there may be different tasks and projects yet to be completed, but above all, it favors you to incorporate the experiences of that time into your own life.

Here you should also include mistakes that you can capitalize on and add to your wisdom. Do not conflict with anyone and less with people of greater authority to you.
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It is important that you can make some financial predictions. That's because, during those days and weeks, you feel more distracted than usual, resulting in loss of money or documentation.

That being said, I recommend that you pay close attention to the different opportunities that seem very favorable in your work and in which you can also have a lot of confidence.

Analyze them to see which one suits you, remember that you are at a stage where this area of ​​your life is a priority. Channel your focus and energies to that area.
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The days come when it will be easier to achieve more permanent achievements than others you have already achieved in your life. This will also help you acquire new responsibilities.

It is now that your work experiences will be recognized by others, and by adding your perseverance in the last few months, it will be reflected in you as you reach your professional elevation.

It is good that you comment on the ideas you have and show your efficiency, in a good and diplomatic way, to better address the vibration you receive from the sun.
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