Horoscope today, June 21, 2019, of all the zodiacal signs


In today's horoscope, Friday, June 21, you have a very important event that is the Summer Solstice. This happens when the sun goes down to the Cancer and, in turn, the longest day of the year is generated.

Its symbolism makes you receive the highest solar energy, so I advise you to make a ritual asking the sun for their desires. To make it stronger, invoke the four winds, or directions, and invite them to participate in building their reality.

To do this, create an imaginary square "Magic" and the following in each corner: north put a glass with liquor representing the fire, this one an empty glass representing the air, south place a stone representing the Earth and the west Put a glass of water representing this element.

In the center, represents what you want and above all desired in the area of ​​your life, where the solstice is done according to your zodiac sign.
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You receive the strength of the Sun to strengthen yourself and increase your inner strengths because that vitality will be necessary for you to take on the role of family leader when you have to make very important decisions.

But it is also the best time to ritualize your desire for the house you want to change or buy, to ask for more domestic stability, to improve family relationships or, if you need to, to leave hereditary diseases.

Also, your requests may be related to your country's issues or if you have to return to it. Write a letter with it, place it in the center of the square all day and, if possible, the Sun and then burn at night.
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The sun, in the midst of solstice, will be giving all its warmth and luminosity to your ideas and thoughts. So, through these, you acquire more power; whether personal or professional, it is through the word that you are building your future.

The request can be made, if you have to achieve something with your siblings or improve the relationship with them. Similarly, if you have to make more trips, take exams or start some type of study. Also, if you have some job interview to do or if you have to earn it in practicality.

You must place the objects that represent those targets in the center of the magic square throughout the day and then burn them to Earth.

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Solar energy directs all your power so you can improve your economy and increase your own values ​​to strengthen yourself even more. You have to make your wish list with what you want to earn, what you want to achieve on material possessions and what talents you want to wake up to make more money.

Ask what you want to gain, including the number, but without thinking the way; do not think logically how this money will come because you lessen the magic. In the center of the square, represent with a bank statement what you want to win or with pictures of what you want to buy.

Leave it in the sunshine and then at night you'll burn it. All of this will be reinforced by New Moon next month.
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When you start the month of your birthday is when the summer solstice happens, that is why you are the sign that receives the biggest influence of this event. The longest day of the year focuses on you and your personality so that you shine and stand out more.

In the magic square, you must represent how you want to see yourself, what you want to increase in you, and what energy you want to release to be what you want to be.

Put it inside the square, leave it under the sunshine and then burn it at night and bury it. The power of intention that you put here is what will make you build your future.
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The power of the Sun, your positive, regenerative and powerful energy, is extended so that you can improve your karma and get out of the actions that hinder you.

The request you can make is about overcoming the limits that do not allow you to move forward, the situations you repeat, and generate frustrations. Also to find peace of soul. You can even ask to cure some problem with your lymphatic system.

Symbolize all of this or write it on a chart and leave it under solar force. Then, at night, burn and surrender with all your love to Mother Earth.
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The solstice promotes all its generosity and strength of expansion in the area of ​​friends, projects and ideals. The Sun, passing the Cancer sign, is influencing you so that you highlight your image before the social groups and for you to influence in a healthy way in them.

Picture in the magic box all your ideals, your hopes, what you want to achieve with your essential friends and, above all, if you work for an organization that helps the community. It can be with a drawing, a letter or something that symbolizes it.

This is very important for you to achieve your goals faster. Leave all day inside the magic square and then bury it.
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The area of ​​your life that the Sun illuminates, and in which you expand all your strength on this solstice, is the area of ​​your professional image, the work and achievements you can achieve.

These are issues that, during this month and next, will be very important because in this same scenario will be the gestation of New Moon and the eclipse of July 2; All this prepares you for the changes. You should have your goals very clear when you ask them and life does not get you anywhere.

Write a list with defined purposes and dates, for example: I want to be in that position from that day. Post photos that represent where you want to go and print a letter that symbolizes the announcement of your new position.
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The sun, along with the summer solstice, regenerates and strengthens your strength to get out of fear and to believe in you more. It gives you a regenerative power to broaden horizons, whether physical or mental, making long journeys or through a new study.

Also, if you have to do the immigration paperwork, sunlight will benefit you. If you are waiting for your documents, print a green card and give your name or passport.

To make a trip, print the tickets from the ticket to your name and place it in the center of the magic square during the day and so on. Remember at night to burn it and then deliver it to Earth.
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To this day, the Sun has put its energy into their personal relationships. After this day and with all the strength and warmth of the solstice, he now says that you have to start a new cycle in relation to everything you share with others; from your own body to your emotions and money.

The ritual can be done on the subject you want, but it is even stronger if you relate it to gains you have with a partner or your partner's savings. Also, if you have to collect any bonus or inheritance.

It is important that you represent this in a verification of the earnings of your company or partner or the value of an inheritance.
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For weeks, I make recommendations about your relationship with others. Now, the solstice gives you even more strength and light. Your goal is to have maximum clarity and focus on that topic, so I advise you to write down the qualities of the kind of relationship you want to have.

If you are going to ask for a partner, do not use that word, ask for a life partner, someone to accompany you daily, your affections, your ideology and your finances.

The New Moon and the eclipse next month will be reinforcing your orders and it will be convenient for you to know clearly what you expect from a relationship. Having that clarity will allow you not to repeat old situations.
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The energy of the sun is characterized by its effect of increasing and this is what you should do in the area of ​​your letter where the solstice is generated, which corresponds to your work, your daily life and your health.

The importance of this zone increases when the New Moon and next month's eclipse also exert their influence here. Check which goals you want to accomplish, represent them by printing the company logo you want to work on, the position you want to have, or the paycheck with the amount you want to earn.

Place it in the center of the magic square, leave it all day in the sun and then burn it and deliver it to Earth.
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The regenerative and expansive force of the solstice is in the area of ​​your astral map, where you generate your joy, your desire to live and your ability to organize. The Sun also energizes and gives warmth to the chores of the heart, good love, sexual attraction, and increased capabilities.

New Moon and next month's eclipse reinforce this vibration so you can materialize desires, grow in charisma and personal magnetism.

It represents the happiness you want to have, but with drawings, photos or in a letter. These should be concrete situations, otherwise it may cost you more effort to achieve it. Leave all day inside the square, at night you burn it and then the delivery to Earth.
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