Honda will adjust the production of its El Salto factory


The Honda assembly plant in the El Salto municipality of Jalisco will reduce its production pace due to the reduced demand for compact vehicles in the North American market where vehicles manufactured in Mexico are exported.

Therefore, from October 2019, one of the two production shifts will be closed in the line that builds units of the HR-V model.

Through a statement, Honda from Mexico ensures that their priority is "to minimize the impact of these business conditions on the workforce … associates can seek opportunities in other areas of the company, such as the production of motorcycles, spare parts and power products in Guadalajara; as well as in the factory of Celaya ".

They also say that with this change in vehicle assembly, workers will also have the opportunity to opt for a voluntary retirement plan.

After direct consultation, the company did not specify the number of employees in the factory in El Salto, Jalisco, which would be impacted by these changes that will take effect in October.

"With this adjustment in production line 1 of the El Salto automotive plant, we will strive to further improve the high quality of our products as well as our manufacturing skills," the report says.

With this change, HR-V production will increase from 160 daily units in two shifts, to 86 in a single shift.


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