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Honda Jazz 2020 New Bestial Exchange Expectation: GOL digital

Remarkable changes on a new Honda Jazz 2020

The new vehicle of the Japanese brand Honda Jazz, will come to Europe with a hybrid engine, and with the bodywork, a conventional one and the other called Crosstar of rudimentary airs. He will be presented with a new model of Honda in Tokyo Salon 2019, and in Europe at an event in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The company is continuing its marches forged in electrification, which is expected by the year 2025. The fourth generation of this magnificent Honda Jazz, with a great interior space of quality, and the one that joins now with hybrid technology. The utility that could have shadowed the Toyota Yaris, which would refer to its driving approach to the Volkswagen Polo.

Honda Jazz 2020

The new vehicle Honda Jazz, incorporates 2 electric motors, one as impeller and another as generator. The gasoline is the CR-V model, and the same as the SUV in the gearbox. A hybrid with very low consumption.

A sensuous aesthetic, better visibility from the inside, side of marked and vertical lines that gives the feeling of greater amplitude, highlights the back of slightly dimen- sive dimensions and horizontal views. Conventional body like Crosstar, it gets a camouflage thanks to the height, being somewhat broader, with an exclusive design on the front wall, integrated weaving bars and a water-resistant tapestry.

The exterior of the Honda Jazz has been totally renovated

As long as the interior of the vehicle is found we have a frame of bosses and a hard plastic speckle, reposabrazas on the front, larger anchor asians, its structure relieves the fatigue in the long journeys. Great convenience both the forward and the back. Honda Magic Seats system completely shoot down the Asians to gain space and posible charge. Interior space stands out for its greater space.

In what refers to the entertainment system, along with access to wifi, tactile screen Led similar features that a smartphone, compatible with Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.

Honda Jazz 2020

Security and driving system, but a camera of higher quality of appearance being this but the previous and high definition. Prevention and mitigation system of impacts, if improved in the nighttime function, if possible detection of peatones and bicycles with antelation in unlighted ways, in addition to triggering the brake.

Adaptive cross control incorporates tracking function at low speed, rail maintenance, and stay system in urban and autobahns. It will be from the second quarter of 2020 when the brand honda comience to market this good vehicle that will deliver much.

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