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Historic! Monclova Acceleras Receives First LM Title

So Pat forced Gerónino Gil to take César Valdez out, his best pitcher, one of the stars who works as a reliever.

But the movement was not from the helmsman, because on the seventh day Blue Fury extended advantage with the double land of Mejía, who sent the "Chapo" Amador to the pentagon and the Cuban jug to the showers. The surprises didn't end there: Alex's coup left Rodolfo Amador in third base and, with a shrill Young Jr. game, he reached the cashier to score the 8th to 5th for the Coahuilenses.

Al Albuquerque, above the hill, from the seventh, following a brief but effective appearance of Mario Morales; He squeezed his arm again to leave before receiving unstoppable in the eighth, where Carlos Bustamante arrived to complete the ring.

Before concluding a long closing, his offensive made the mooring with the "Chapo" knocking so that Chris Carter placed the final 9-5.

The last three exits were lived standing in the Monclova Stadium and with 27 came total euphoria, madness and a well deserved and fought crown.

45 years have passed for the Steelers to be absolute LMB champions for the first time in their history.

The historical formation
Noah Perio JD
Erick aybar 2B
Francisco Peguero JD
Chris Carte 1B
Bruce Maxwell C
Jose Amador BD
Rodolfo Amateur 3B
Alex Mejía SS
Eric Younf Jr. JD
Conor Harber P

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