Goodbye to Cardozo was Vergara's decision, not Higuera's decision.


If by José Luis Higuera and Mariano Varela Had been, José Cardozo I would continue as a coach Chivas. However, the owners of the equipment, Jorge and Amaury Vergara They gave the order of their departure from the Paraguayan team.

After the defeat against Pumas, one Cardozo he was no longer allowed into the team truck; When the game was over they sent him calling the highest places to a place in Mexico City and there he was informed that he would no longer be a coach. Flock.

The idea that they had FIG tree and Varela, CEO in Chivas and sports director, respectively, was that the Guarani finished the tournament, but knew that the final decision would take the owners of the team and went. Patience ended after losing both My Account before America and that of Pumas.


O League MX has not fulfilled the promise of sponsorship to clubs as part of the project Women's MX Liga. The guidelines and senior management of the turns on They agreed the agency would help them close trade deals with some brands for economic support, but that did not happen.

Although the issue of Necaxa and Queretaro is not feasible, as we think of an expansion of pink competition, it is a reality that these guidelines and others continue to require the promise of sponsorships that has not been fulfilled, since the name of the tournament that was expected could have something like the bank which has the agreement with the League MX.


Although in general the Pumas They accepted the work of Fernando Guerrero in victory against Chivas, there is a particular movement that bothered all university staff and this occurred in the 51st minute when Juan Basulto he put an iron to Martín Rodríguez and left him lying in the field.

Unfortunately, the singer ignored the game that would have been a red card straight for the player of the Flock. In any case, the Chilean had to maintain his Pumas with your annoyance


The ghost of the wounds that caused terror in the field Striped the previous tournament and who transformed the albiazul team into a hospital for the last time in A2018, reappeared about to start the final stretch of the contest and before facing the Semifinals gives Concachampions.

During pre-match warm up against Cruz Azul, Miguel Layún he was injured while doing some exercises and had to be replaced at the last minute by Edson Gutiérrez.

This reignited the alarms between the team of players, Stefan Medina He also suffered a muscle injury in the game against Lobos BUAP gives J6 which left the Colombian out of the field for about a month.

Muscle injuries during pre-game warm-up were somewhat recurrent during the 2018 Opening Tournament at the Gang, then mistrust reappeared among the albiazules players. The albassulas do not trust anything in the work of the physical trainer, Mauricio Marchettibecause they feel that some kind of adjustment should be made in the workload to avoid further injury in the warm-ups before the game.


O Closing 2019 is the tournament that has least figured Jürgen Damm After being the bomb of the project in 2015. The injuries are taking their toll and therefore the training personnel of Tigers he takes care of him even though he has already been dismissed.

The Mexican midfielder is already recovered from his muscular tension in his left leg, but he does not want to risk it and tries to put him on the final stretch so he will not get hurt any more, so he did not even make the trip to Mexico City. to face last Saturday America.

Damm last played in the championship on March 2 against Pachuca, party that marked his return to the courts in the local tournament after leaving in February also by a muscular tension.

It remains to be seen if the 26-year-old will see action this week in the dual activity that felines will have for the Concachampions and League MX, which will depend Ricardo Ferretti.


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