Final result 1 – 0 Mexico beats Brazil in sub 17 cups


URUGUAY.- The U17 Women's Team won the team Brazil 1 x 0 in the second game of the World Cup of the specialty that is disputed in Uruguay.

The goal of the game It was the work of Vanessa Buso after a center Reyna Reyes. The duel that happened in the stadium Domingo Burgueño marked the beginning of the second day of the World Cup.

The Monica Vergara he set the pace of the game from the opening whistle. Alison González had the first danger for the Aztecs, but his kick went to the side that Mayara defended.

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The duel got a little dirty and Buso saw the yellow card. So in a national reaction, Gonzalez made a Chilean to open the scoring even though he does not have a goal. Even in the agony of the first half, Reyes sent a cross from the right, which Buso intercepted in good form before the exit of the Brazilian goalkeeper who was halfway.

Mexico was saved from the draw thanks to that Ximena Ríos He cut a ball on the goal line. It was the clearest danger to the South Americans. With the shock, the Mexicans controlled what was left of the game and without further action of danger, the Tricolor took the three units.

The combination of Monica Vergara remains a duel before it is similar to Japan, which will be next Tuesday at 11 am. Mexicans have four units and are in the second Group B website behind the Japanese.


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