Federal Police install metal fences on border of Tijuana


TIJUANA, BC. (proceso.com.mx) .- During the afternoon of Saturday, agents of the Federal Police (PF) installed metal furniture fences at the San Ysidro gate in Tijuana to close the border in the case – very unlikely – that the Central Americans who make up the so-called migrant caravan try to pass by force to the United States.

Proceso.com.mx consulted officials from the city of Tijuana for an explanation, but they were not aware of the operation of the FP; He also asked the members and companions of the caravan, and none of them evoked the option of invading the United States in a massive way.

The measure of the PF seemed rather symbolic and mediatic: the Mexican government never closed the border of San Ysidro, which crosses on average more than 50 thousand vehicles and 26 thousand people per day.

When questioned about why they installed these fences, the uniformed remained silent. Cornered, it was confessed that it was "in anticipation" that the Central Americans would pass heavily.

After five o'clock in the afternoon, an official from the Tijuana Tourism Secretariat appeared on the pedestrian bridge and complained to an official that fencing was spreading "panic" among the residents of Tijuana. He asked for explanations and the official insisted that so far "there is no closure" of the border points.

Police installed fences in the face of an unlikely mass action by the caravan of migrants. Photo: Eduardo Miranda

Police installed fences in the face of an unlikely mass action by the caravan of migrants. Photo: Eduardo Miranda

More than two thousand members of the Central American exodus – who left San Pedro Sula on October 12 in Honduras, sparking the wrath of Trump – are currently in Tijuana, in a temporary shelter opened at the Benito Juárez Sports Unit, located in little distance from the border with the United States.

Since the arrival of its first members in Tijuana on Thursday, the Central American exodus has been criticized and rejected by some residents of Tijuana as well as by the municipal and state governments – both members of the PAN.

Dozens of foreign media correspondents came to Tijuana to document the fate of this unprecedented migratory phenomenon in the region.

Shielding and makeup

But in the border area, the federal government was not the only nor the first to take spectacular measures – even caricatures – on the beaches, where the border fence plunges into the Pacific Ocean, the Trump government has shown its rejection of the region. migrants, composing the border line as if it were a war field.

In recent days, the US military has placed barbed wire on top of the wall and tens of feet of sand behind, on which hung yellow bands as if to indicate danger; This is despite the fact that no one dares to cross the border from that point on.

And not only that: on Saturday, helicopters – one of them from the Coast Guard – made constant and low overflights in this tourist area of ​​Tijuana, while behind the bars were agents dressed in the green uniform of the Border Patrol. .

The direction of the show had an effect: throughout the day, the photographers gathered on the other side of the fence behind the wires and the yellow tape.


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