Facebook blocks 115 accounts before US elections


Facebook reported that it blocked 115 accounts on suspicion of "non-authentic coordinated behavior" linked to foreign groups attempting to interfere in the intermediate elections this Tuesday in U.S.

The social network closed 30 accounts on Facebook and 85 Instagram and investigates them in greater detail, he said in a post Monday night.

On Sunday night, the company received a police warning that it had discovered online activity "that they believe is linked to foreign entities," wrote the head of cybersecurity on Facebook, Nathaniel Gleicher.

US technology companies are reinforcing security and fighting disinformation campaigns to prevent voters from being affected and democracy being discredited.

The purge of Facebook is part of measures to prevent abuses such as those committed by Russian groups two years ago to alert public opinion before the 2016 presidential election.

Gleicher said that the company will publish an update as soon as it obtains more information, "even if those accounts are linked to the Internet Based Research Agency based in Russia or other foreign entities."

Almost all Facebook associated with blocked accounts appeared to be in French or Russian. Most Instagram accounts were in English and focused on celebrities or the political debate. No additional information was given about accounts or activities under suspicion.

Last month, Facebook removed 82 pages, accounts and groups linked to Iran, which sought to foment social unrest in the United States and Britain. In August, it eliminated 652 pages, groups and accounts linked to Russia and Iran.

Twitter says it has identified more than 4,600 accounts and 10 million tweets, mostly linked to the Internet Research Agency, which are said to be related to foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election and other elections.

The Internet Research Agency is essentially a Russian abusive message factory, or troll, that special investigator Robert Mueller has accused of interfering in the 2016 election.

Social networks fight false information before US elections

Facebook has undertaken to prohibit "false news"During the elections out of 6 November in U.S, in an attempt to avoid manipulation of citizens. The new measure addresses a sensitive area for the company, which has been criticized for its complacency over false news and misinformation campaigns, which many believe has affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election that won Donald Trump.

Voting methods become one of the few areas where false news is banned by Facebook, a policy imposed by what the company calls "community standards." Although the company will not eliminate the vast majority of false publications about candidates or other election matters.

We do not believe we should remove Facebook stuff shared by real people if they do not violate community standards, even if they are fake, "said Tessa Lyons, product manager of Facebook's Feed function, which shows users what friends they are sharing.

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