Facebook announced a new application with which you expect to get people's data in return for an economic reward. Known as Study for facebook, this market research application says to be clear with users about the time to collect their information in exchange for money.

Study for facebook is part of a program that will be available to Android device users the United States and India. Those who sign up and agree to the terms of use may download the app from the Play Store. According to Facebook, this program "collects the smallest amount of information needed to develop better products"

In between the data collected it's the list of applications installed on your phone, O time the user commits to them, information about the country, device, and network type, as well as the names of the application characteristics used by participants.

The company says the app is not associated with the Facebook account of the user and that will not collect other private information such as user names, passwords, or content stored on the phone, such as photos, messages, or videos. They also indicate that not sell the data to third parties nor use it to provide targeted advertising.

Facebook guarantees that you will not share your data with third parties

Facebook will depend Applause to bring record and financial compensation to participants. In the ad it is not specified how much money will be received by those who decide to sign upWhile it may be similar to the $ 20 offered to teenagers some time ago.

The announcement of technology comes after months of criticism and a scandal where it was discovered that Facebook offered a monthly fee for minors to spy on their phones. The company secretly paid teens by collecting data using a VPN application for iOS and Android. This forced Apple to temporarily remove all permissions to distribute its applications internally.

Study for facebook he says it's clear with the information he collects from users and that they can leave the program at any time, although at this time and after so many breaches of privacy, it is almost impossible to believe in Facebook.