"Enter WrestleMania as a starting champion …"


Like the poster of WrestleMania It is taking shape many questions are answered, but others are not yet. One is if The Revival defends its title. Not long ago, it seemed so, but now that it has been announced that they will do so tomorrow, it is not so clear. At least we'll have to wait until the new Raw knows.

The Raw Couples champions will put their reign in the game against Rebound and Aleister Black. These newly promoted may have what the best week of their careers is coming to. They can become the owners of that title, and then on Friday crowned as NXT Couples Champions and defend his scepter of the red mark of WWE on Sunday in WrestleMania 35. This seems unlikely, but at the moment the opportunities have them.

Not only that, but they dream about what they could do. The former champion has recently published this tweet:

"Going to WrestleMania as Raw Pairs Champions looks great!"

You never know what can happen. and it would not be a big surprise if that happened. Former NXT champion also made a post:

Both have all you need to become champion then see what happens tomorrow.

As to whether this fight means that there will be no defense of this title in the big event, this is not so clear. If opponents win, the current owners can fight back on April 7. It may even be another pair like Chad Gable and Bobby Roode stop the fight tomorrow to make it clear to everyone that they are still among the best teams in the division. Knowing what you think?


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