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Emilio Lozoya received orders from Peña Nieto during his administration at Pemex, says lawyer

The lawyer Javier Coello asignature in an interview for Wake up to Loret the one who ordered Emilio Lozoya how to do things in Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) during his administration, was the President of the Executive at the time, Enrique Peña grandson

Carlos Loret de Mola: Who told Emilio Lozoya to do what he did?

Javier CoelloIt's going to raise controversy, but I'll say who's been in charge in this country for many years? He who has the executive power, the President of the Republic. The President of the Executive is in charge, not a single sheet moves without being ordered by the president. Everything that has changed at Pemex, contracts and everything, passed by the Board of Directors of Pemex and the subsidiaries and he (Enrique Peña Nieto) had to agree with the president. "

In a letter, Emilio Lozoya, The former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) announced that he will not appear before the control judge because "there are no legal conditions or guarantees to do so."

The instruction that the graduate Emilio Lozoya gives me. I prepared a document so that public opinion could find out what its function was, how Petróleos Mexicanos received it, what it did, how it was done, who ordered it and how it delivered the person who replaced it and the current president, "he explained. the lawyer.

Counsel Coello stated that Lozoya Austin remains in Mexico and he is not a fugitive from justice.

Javier Coello insisted that tThey have evidence supporting their statements is that Santiago Nieto has a "hatred" for Lozoya.

They did not give me the opportunity, but there is evidence and let's vent. There is a manifest interest of Mr. Santiago Nieto, even in his book "The ranks and phobias", there openly expresses the hatred that he has Emilio Lozoya, but we will prove it. Come on a strong stage, let's defend. We have proof that Emilio Lozoya did not commit illegalities, "he concluded.

Former Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) director Emilio Lozoya said that he will not testify before the controlling judge who demands it, considering that there are no legal guarantees to carry it out, besides being the victim of political persecution and a campaign of media.

Lozoya will not come to witness; ensures that he is the victim of political persecution and that he has the right to care for his freedom

In a letter to the public, broadcast on social networks, the former federal official said that the arrest warrant against him is irregular and illegal, and the search warrants in his parents' house were obtained with false police reports.

According to Lozoya Austin, "there has been media harassment against me since 2017, where I was indicted, tried and sentenced, violating the human rights enshrined in the Constitution and international treaties. season. "

Legal security will be analyzed to keep Emilio Lozoya free, says lawyer

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