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As much as Tesla's merit in the media in the United States and the West in general, China sells more electric vehicles. It sells so many that it sells more than other countries around the world as a whole. And while some may leave you stuck an hour in a traffic jam to upgrade your software, there is a wide variety in the catalog: supercars, motorcycles and even mini-cars. One of the most popular categories are these carts and will arrive during 2019 for Europe and the United States.

Kaiyun Motors announced its arrival in Europe and the United States with Kaiyun Pickman, a small electric pickup truck who arrives in March to Germany and Italy for about 5 thousand euros. In China, this type of vehicles is even cheaper, can be found from about 1,000 euros to change. Known as LSEV by its acronym in English, in the eastern country are gaining much popularity.

Kaiyun Pickman

The manufacturer Kaiyun Motors is one of the many that have exploded in recent years in the automotive sector. They were born and raised in China, but they think they can expand easily in Europe and the United States. As their representative pointed out to Bloomberg, they can meet the daily needs of consumers and there is a huge market in the world.

Specifically, the Kaiyun Pickman is sold in China for 16,800 yuan (almost 2,200 euros to trade), in Europe, however will arrive for about 5,000 euros and in the United States for just over $ 8,000.

Limited specifications in exchange for affordable prices and uses

The 5,000 euros already give us an idea of ​​what we can expect from this Kaiyun vehicle. In its specifications, we see that the the maximum speed that the Pickman can reach is 45 kilometers per hour and its autonomy does not exceed 120 kilometers per total load. Regarding the load itself, it takes up to 10 hours to fully charge. Its payload capacity (remember that it's a truck) is 450 kg.

Kaiyun Pickman

Naturally these numbers do not compare with the 499 kilometers of the autonomy of a Tesla or its maximum speed that can achieve 225 kilometers per hour. But it also does not compare in price, the Kaiyun electric truck is practically ten times cheaper than a Tesla by Elon Musk.

This vehicle is designed for work environments where boxes and materials are usually transported from one place to another. Using it during the day and charging it at night can be ideal for many workers, especially for the economy in consumption.

Finally, open the ban to see more models of both Kaiyun and other Chinese manufacturers that may arrive during the next few months or years. Not only vans, but others mini electric boats with reduced price in exchange for lower specifications. These types of vehicles, due to their limitations, often do not require a traditional driver's license, but licenses are easier to obtain.

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