Does Maradona have Alzheimer's? Your lawyer clarifies the state of health


Diego Armando Maradona returned to Argentina and will not return to Mexico due to health problems, so Dorados de Sinaloa announced on Monday that Jose Guadalupe Cruz will take his place ahead of the 2019 Apertura.

Maradona has published a letter to fans of Dorados, in which he details that health problems prevent him from continuing to lead the club. It was also indicated that the strategist would undergo operations in the knee and shoulder, however, there was a rumor that the South American suffered from the principles of Alzheimer's, of which their daughters Gianina and Dalma did not give information.

However, the lawyer of former Boca Juniors soccer player, Matías Morla, explained that Diego went through studies and these showed that does not have Alzheimer's and that the information is false.


"Before the versions about which Diego Maradona has the beginning of Alzheimer's, I want to clarify that everyoneThe medical studies that were performed gave no indication to this effect.

"In Mexico, where Maradona was directing and commanding not only a football team but also a technical team, The club also performed several health examinations, some by psychologists and psychiatrists, which resulted in a satisfactory manner and we were not given any medical information linked to media coverage, " Morla said in a letter posted on Twitter.

The lawyer explained that knee and shoulder operations will be carried out so that Diego will resume his activity as a strategist. "ASAP".

During his stay in Mexico, Maradona silenced critics who doubted his skill as a coach, lead the Dorados to two consecutive finals in the MX Ascent, which he lost against Atletico San Luis, who finally won the promotion to the First Division.


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