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Mexico City. Most of the time, sparkling wines are associated with great celebrations. However, they are also ideal to enjoy at any time. Among the sparkling wines, champagne is one of the most famous, but the cava, prosecco, francocorta and crémant d 'Alsace also stand out. Know your production, its characteristics and the best way to enjoy each one of them …

The sparkling wine contains bubbles, carbon dioxide and needs to pass through one or two fermentations. The great difference between them and the name they receive is due to the region where they are produced, since some have Denomination of Origin (DO) where the terroir, the climate, the grapes and the method used change.

According to a study carried out by El Observatorio Español del Mercado del Vino, among the most consumed sparkling wines in 2017, the number one was prosecco, with 205 million liters, or 273 million bottles. The second place was occupied by the cellar with 117 million liters, which represented 156 million bottles; and third, champagne, with 112 million liters, equivalent to 149 million bottles.
-Champagne, French Pride

We can not deny that champagne is synonymous with exclusivity, elegance, fine bubbles, good taste and festivities. Its origin, history and method of production make it a unique drink.

It was the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon who is credited with his creation, as he invented the famous method Champenoise. "To be called champagne, it must be made in the Champagne region, in France, as it has DO; be in areas authorized by the Apellation D & # 39; Origine Controlée, abide by the rules established by the municipality and carried out by means of the champenoise method , which consists of double fermentation, first in a tank and the second in the bottle.

It should also be made with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes. This wine offers a blanc de blancs, containing only white grapes, and a blanc de noirs, with only red grapes, "said sommelier Gabriel Linares.

The perfect temperature to serve a champagne is between 11 and 13 degrees. Costs in all sparkling wines will depend on the winery and add, but in the specific case of this drink, prices will range from $ 550.00 to $ 5.000.00, although of course there are bottles that can cost between R $ 10,000.00 and R $ 15,000.00, and much higher for certain crops.

Cava, great Spanish

Originally from Catalonia and with DO, the cava is elaborated mainly with Macabeo, Xarel-lo, Malvasia, Garnacha tinta, Monastrell and Parellada grapes. It is also done under the traditional method or champenoise, and its blisters tend to be medium or small.

"It stands out to be aromatic and gustatory, and it is generally yellow-greenish. It is recommended to serve between seven and 10 degrees, and its prices range from US $ 200.00 to US $ 4,500.00 pesos," said the expert.

Prosecco, pampered Italian

Produced with the Glera grape, the prosecco comes from Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, in northwestern Italy. It has nine provinces for its elaboration.

This wine, unlike champagne and cava, is made under the charmat method, whose second fermentation does not pass through the bottle, but occurs in stainless steel tanks, offering a faster process, where a greater volume of production is achieved and therefore , is more industrial.

"It stands out for the floral aromas and the palate is appreciated more sweet and fruity, its bubbles vary from medium to large and can be served between six and 12 degrees.The price ranges from R $ 150.00 to R $ 800.00" , Gabriel Linares Ice.

Sparkling wine in Mexico

The sommelier says that in Mexico there is still not much culture about the ingestion of sparkling wine and the stigma that accompanies the celebrations must be removed. People between the ages of 35 and 40 are the main Mexican consumers.

It is generally believed that they are expensive and inaccessible but the truth is that we will find some with high prices but there will also be some very affordable and high quality.

One of the great advantages of these wines is that they are very easy to follow, thanks to their bubbles that match perfectly with almost all the dishes. Next time you do not know what to taste your meal with, ask for a sparkling wine and it will surprise you, "the sommelier emphasized.

In turn, Ignacio Jacques, owner of Bodegas Jacques, says that in Mexico the consumption of sparkling wine is 2.5%, while red is 80% and white is 17.5%.

Similarly, approximately two and a half million bottles of sparkling wine per year are consumed in our country.


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