Daughter of Biby Gaytán and Peña Nieto presume luxury vacations together


What do Alejandra Capetillo and Nicole Peña Pretelini have in common? It seems that these two socialites are united by a very strong friendship. O daughter of Biby Gaytán and Peña Nieto presume luxury vacations together. The truth is that Nicole is quite secretive about her life, but this time she did not care.

Indeed, It is not the first time that this young female couple shares images of funny moments on Instagram. At other times, they were seen sharing moments, even at school. No doubt the relationship of practically sisters is evident.

This time they took the opportunity to enjoy Holy Week, as it should be and Alejandra Capetillo it's okay to share it in your stories on Instagram, which has over 13,000 followers. She looks very happy next to Nicole Peña Pretelini.

Once again it is shown that the bond between the Capetillo Gaytán and Peña Nieto families is nothing. Well, it was previously known that Paulina Peña gave them a puppy after Rocko's unfortunate departure.

Nicole Peña and Alejandra Capetillo, his unconditional support was shown in happy, sad and even tragic times.

And although Nicole still has her private cost on Instagram, she has no problem with the daughter of Capetillo sharing the beautiful moments in their stories.


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