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Duvan Zapata is no longer a caged beast. A goals goal in Italian football, he has been asking for clues in the Colombian team for years, but he has generally been a luxury substitute for Falcao Garcia. His presence is a dilemma for coach Carlos Queiroz, who on Wednesday decided to give loose rein to cautious Qatar in the second match of Copa America coffee producers. His bet was worth it, and striker Atalanta resolved the duel five minutes from the end, with a lethal kick after a sudden assist that rocked James Rodriguez.

Whether with Falcao or with Duván, the Portuguese strategist's Colombia proved to be a fiercely competitive team. After making his way to the title by beating Messi Argentina 2-0, he secured a place in the second round after defeating at least the Asian champion, who in the opening game surprised Paraguay with a draw. Queiroz was chosen to add defensive reliability to traditional tricolor touch football, and at the moment everything is going well. In his six games in charge (five wins and one defeat), the team scored at least one goal and in only one received goals.

Against Qatar, the coach chose his captain – who played the last half hour. At age 33, Falcao is the top scorer and top scorer in Colombia's history, a legendary striker. But it depends on having a ball, while Duvan brings impulses that expand the team's offensive arsenal. The trajectory of Tiger competes with the brilliant gift of Duvan. For now, Queiroz resisted joining two strikers in the area, at least as beginners. At the age of 28, Atalanta's strong striker is mature, he knows how to get behind his back and from time to time throws himself to the side.

With a very active James, who served as captain while Falcao was not in the field and offered as a partner to all, Colombia made clear his dominance from the start, but for 85 minutes he failed to break the Catari block, which has accumulated up to nine men in your area. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado heated the hands of Saad with a whip from outside the area, and Roger Martinez tried on several occasions the reflections of the goalkeeper. Queiroz transferred the bench to include Falcao for Cuadrado, Santiago Arias for Stefan Medina and Luis Diaz for Martinez, but the dam only broke near the end with Duván's header.

It is not the first time that he is the key man at a definite time. Duván did not go to the World Cup in Russia, but a match was enough to contribute to the yearning for tickets. The cafeteros postponed their qualification until the last date of the South American tie, that league of selections disputed during two years. With Colombia in the cornice, José Pékerman surprised to include Zapata like proprietor against Peru in the National Stadium of Lima, following Falcao. Until then, he had not been part of the usual, but not out of tune. Rather, he wore overalls and was vital in that he suffered a 1-1 draw. He even participated in the play of the goal: a ball that went down to Falcao and ended at the feet of James. Despite having scored 11 goals with Sampdoria, Pékerman did not include him, to the surprise of many, in the final list of Russia.

Forged in calcium, where he has 63 goals during six campaigns in different teams, Duván has been playing for some time. It emerged in America of Cali and it passed by Estudiantes of Argentina before its scales in Naples, Udinese and Sampdoria. His progression has been evident until he reaches the explosion of this season, in which he scored 23 goals that left him as second top scorer in Serie A, behind Fabio Quagliarella but ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo himself. Duván led the Atalanta attack, which ended the season as the best scorer (77 points) and qualified for the first time in his history for the Champions League. The small club in Bergamo can hardly keep it up.

Despite these scrolls, this was his fifth owner with Colombia, only the second in an official match. In the last friendly before the Copa América, a 3-0 win over Peru, he entered the bench to score for the first time with his national team, and in the opening against Argentina the last ten minutes were enough to seal the win by 2 -0. . At the beginning of the play, he placed his body in the middle of a forest of Argentine legs in the middle of the field to unload, continue in the race, and set in the area a ball that passed Roger Martinez and Jefferson Lerma. "Everything I've lived with Atalanta I'm trying to live here with the national team," he condemned after defeating Messi and company. With Colombia qualified, Queiroz will be able to play in the last match of the group, next Sunday against Paraguay. But for the final matches you must solve the dilemma between sitting Tiger or leave Duván in a cage.

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