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Conservatives converted to Mexico in a cement factory

Conservatives converted to Mexico in a cement factory

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador again defended his decision to remove an operative from federal authorities in Culiacán pasado jueves


Former governments have used the army to crack down on population and conviction in Mexico in a cement shop, the president says. Andrés Manuel López, obligator.

For the third consecutive day in his tour of Oaxaca, the holder of the executive made reference to the decision to release Ovid Guzmán and his pasts in Culiacan, which, I said, prevented a bloodshed in the capital of Sinaloa and repression that was not. It will change its strategy despite the criticism it has received in Mexico and abroad.

We do not care that the conservatives, the authoritarian ones who want to go about the other way, and the result of them, and in the meantime, in fact, they got to Mexico, converted to Mexico in a cement factory, and that strategy of wanting to erase the energy with the energy. , to end violence with violence never bad. We will no longer suppress the pueblo of Mexico, ”emphasized the president from the capital Oaxaqueña.

I note that its policy of intending to pacify the country through bienestar programs will not change.

The president thanked the Mexican Army for acting in accordance with its orders not to combat the members of the organized crime of the past in Culiacan.

I want to thank the National Army, the soldiers, who are so uniform, for the way they are helping us not to use the force, because we can solve the problems through dialogue and agreement, not the irrational use of the force. ”The president insisted.

From Oaxaca, the incumbent reiterated that he intended to release Ovid Guzmán was to keep La Paz in Culiacan, and with his brotherhood, the tranquility and love of his neighbor instead of his disagreement and hatred.


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