Coffee can cause lung cancer, new study warns


For lovers of coffee That will be bad news! A new study reveals that coffee may be related lung cancer.

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Who does not feel happy having a cup of coffee in the morning? Your to smell is stimulant to start the daily journey.

But, the consumption of two or more coffee or of tea may increase the risk of developing lung cancer, according to new research presented at the annual conference of the American Association for Cancer Research, which was held in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The investigation covers both non smoking, as in smokers diagnosed with this disease.

As the consumption of coffee it's from tea is closely related to the Smoking habitsPrevious studies may have produced inconsistent results, the new study said.

The lead author of this new analysis, Jingjing Zhu, of Vanderbilt University, quoted by RT, indicated that in the previous investigations it was not possible to distinguish what caused the development of lung cancer, if the tobacco or both drinks.

The evaluation found that people who did not smoke but drank two or more cups of coffee per day They were 41% more likely to develop the disease compared to those who did not drink this beverage.

Non-smokers who consumed two or more cups of tea per day were 37 percent more likely to develop lung cancer than those who did not drink tea.

The risk was similar for all ages and for all types of coffee. Indeed, decaffeination is associated with 15% more chances to cause the disease, than the one with caffeine.

In this sense, the authors of the new study suggested that it's not caffeine the trigger of lung cancer, but something in the process of providing which promotes the link between drinking and the risk of developing the disease.

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