CNDH issues position on AMLO's educational reform memorandum in 6 points


The National Human Rights Commission of Mexico (CNDH) today announced its position on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's memorandum to annul educational reform approved in 2013.

"Before the memorandum issued by the presidency, which instructed the holders of different units of the Federal Executive Branch to stop complying with the various provisions of the institution in education and the request of various media, the CNDH issues the following," the agency said.

1. Education is a fundamental human right recognized by the Mexican Constitution, as well as by several international instruments, being an obligation of the State to assert this right and guarantee the access of Mexicans to education of sustainable quality.

2. The State shall fulfill its obligation and protect that right.

3. Interrupting the application of constitutional content and dealing with various aspects of education with procedures other than those provided for in the Constitution, and the rules modify and limit the terms and conditions under which the right to education may be valid, generating the risk that there will be violations of the rights of children and adolescents.

4. Nothing weakens the rule of law and institutions any more than the fact of being promoted and ordered from the instances of power that the law is not known, is violated and is no longer applied. Human rights can only be valid in an environment of legality.

5. This body appeals to the Executive that, in accordance with the protest it made while taking office, as well as the constitutional obligations inherent in the world, correct the instructions you turned and considering the interest of girls, boys and adolescents, carry out the actions that are carried out under the law.

6. If the current normative framework on education is not appropriate, it is up to the power of revision of the constitution or of the Legislative Branch to make the appropriate adjustments, assuming as a basic premise the effective action and validity of such right.

On April 17, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent a memorandum addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, to the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, and to the Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Urzúa, to refrain from implementing the educational reform.

Although the document does not mention the current statutory laws that were passed in 2013, which support the changes in the third constitutional article, it says that all measures "on which the request was translated" will be "rendered ineffective." reform


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