Champions League: UEFA could leave PSG out of competition for managerial maneuvers


November 14, 2018 9:45 am

It would be without ear. Paris Saint Germain is in the eye of the storm and Uefa are considering excluding the Neymar team from the poor management of the Champions League for not respecting financial fair play. The reason would be the excess of the market price with the sponsorship contracts.

According to the L & # 39; Team, the Uefa Trial Chamber decided to reopen the case of the year 2015 – the year in which the agreements were made – but they will not only seek to investigate more about that date, but also in the seasons of 2013 until the moment mentioned.

In addition, Paris Saint Germain does not agree because the club guarantees that in 2015 the Board of Education gave good contracts, according to the sports newspaper. In addition, the Parisian table will go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) to resolve this situation.

In addition, the Chamber, according to the media, devalued the company's sponsorship PSG with Qatar companies (Qatar Tourims Authority, Qatar National Bank, Ooredoo, BelN Sports and Aspetar), declared by the club at 138 million euros, but would be valued at 87 million.

If these numbers are true, the club, during the 16/17 season, would have had losses close to 84 million that would exceed the limit of 30 that marks the UEFA to meet the & # 39;clean game financial situation and this would lead to France withholding income to participate in European competitions, registering new players for a period of time or being expelled from the Champions League for a few seasons.


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