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Celebrities who have fallen into the temptation of pornography


For a few months singer Noelia has announced her interest in venturing into the world of adult movies and even has a page where fans of a signature can see her sexy and even without clothes in suggestive poses.

Noelia was not the only celebrity who saw in the world of pornography a source of alternative or mainstream work if some actors opted for pornography before they became famous or others combined their profession with XXX.

The world of acting and the erotic tapes and even pornography go hand in hand more than you can imagine. Here is a review of some celebrities who started out in the adult movie world or who ventured into it after settling in their careers.

Sabrina Sabrok The Argentine actress began her career in Mexico as a model of "La Hora Pico" and later became a metal singer, to finally mix her various artistic facets with the world of pornography in which he has sex with men than with women and he said, that opened more field of work.

Joaquín Ferreira. The Argentine actor best known for his role as "El Potro" in the "Club de Cuervos" series used to be a porn actor and in 2017 he leaked a video in which he seemed to have dealings with a woman in front of the camera. Ferreira has made at least one video for adults in his native Argentina under the name of David Dynamo.

Dustin Diamond The actor, who became famous for the youth series "Saved By The Bell," tried for many years to have a show as popular as what launched him to stardom. After several scandals that included drugs and their passage through the prison in 2006, "Screech" made a pornographic video entitled "Salvo por odor" and in what appeared with two prostitutes to get money.

Montana Fishburne. Laurence Fishburne's daughter explained several years ago that she would enter Hollywood not because of her work on a movie or television series, she argued that she would do it as a porn actress and with a video. The best known as "Chippy D" was inspired by Paris

Hilton or Kim Kardashian, who with the publication of videos for adults, has achieved fame and fortune.
That's why in 2010 Montana Fishburne released their first material with Freaky Empire studio, which offered a nearly hour-long scene of sex between Fishburne and porn star Brian Pumper.

Rob Lowe The well-known actor recorded a porn video with two women in 1988, months before starring in the series "The West Wing", which made it popular and the dream of millions of girls in the world.

Sylvester Stallone The Oscar winner early in his career began in pornography. Stallone was nicknamed in those years as "The Italian Stallion" because he participated in a pornographic film that had the same name.

David Duchovny. Although in the minds of the lovers of the series "The Secret Files X", Duchovny will always be Agent Mulder, David was one of the presenters of the erotic series "Red Shoe Diaries", distributed by Playboy Entertainment abroad. This was a 1992 series in which Duchovny also participated as an actor.

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